Friday, August 1, 2014

Semana Uno

Hola familia y amigos!!  

Anyways! I'm in Mexico city!!! This place is seriously paradise... well- within the gates of the CCM that is. Outside it is somewhat questionable. But somehow amidst the storms, fireworks, gunshots, sirens, screaming, sirens, blaring music, and cars honking outside the gates, I can usually hear myself think! Seriously though-- I love it here! 
And I mean, aside from all that there's the fact that IM A MISSIONARY!!!! I am literally living all my dreams right now. I wish I could explain in words how amazing it feels to be here and be HERMANA ROGERS. Getting my nametag was the most incredible feeling! I LOVE PUTTING THAT ON EVERYDAY. Also-- today is my first P day and its been more than a week so I am exploding with things to say. Wish me luck organizing my thoughts. I guess I will just bullet point a list answering the questions I have been asked a lot... AND then try and summarize my experiences this first week? Sorry if it is super long! I will work on consolidating my thoughts for next week. 

FIRST OF ALL. Companion: since I kind of spend 24 7 with her... HOLY GRACIOUS I love her SO much. Her name is Hermana Sainsbury from South Jordan Utah. She went to a year of school at UVU, was on the track team there, she is HILARIOUS, SO good at teaching, GORGEOUS, sweet, talented... its fine guys she is just PERFECT. We have connected really well and she has always been so encouraging to me. She took the transition to mission life really well and has been a huge help to me when I am struggling. I gave her fair warning that I would be emotional though ;) She is a sympathetic crier, so I feel bad for her hahaha considering I cry all the time ;) 
OUR DISTRICT:  Oh have mercy we are struggling. haha they are all 18 year old BOYS. Me, Hermana Sainsbury, and 10 BOYS. It is the most insane thing on earth. I love em, but I can't stand em you know?? It has been really hard for me this week to be patient with them because focus is not a thing. Quiet study times don't exist. They all got so close so fast, so I feel like an outcast a little, which has also been way hard for me. BUT they really are good guys. I have a story later.. but right now, thats a fair enough description. ALSO we are technically in the intermediate class, so our teacher (who is FANTASTIC- Hermano Beltran) he claims he doesnt know english-- until he pulls me out of class to ask why I am crying (Which yeah-- that happened) 
Casa  we live in a house with 20 girls, 4 to a room. It is CRAZY. We dont spend a ton of time in our room because our schedule is son insane, but when we do, it is always an adventure! I love the Hermanas I live with SO much. We have good times. It's way nice to have people to relax with for like 20 minutes at the end of every crazy day. 
FOOD IS AMAZING. I actually love it. Thankfully we have an hour of gym time every day and my companion LOVES to work out otherwise I would be rolling myself to class every day. I am trying lots of new foods! Papaya, guava, Mole/Mate (whatever that chocolate stuff is- they put it on chicken... it was interesting), Tamales, Ceviche, REAL enchiladas, and MY FAVORITE: Straigh up fresh mexican MANGOES. If I could eat one of those every day for the rest of my life, that would be great. It\s funny though when they try and make American food I don't like it, but I AM LOVING the Mexican food!! 
CCM OVERALL  there are 1000 missionaries here, our district (19-C) has never existed before apparently, but because there are SO many missionaries now and increasing numbers coming in every week, they have had to make a couple new branches. The MTC President, Presidente Pratt was mission companions with Elder Holland back in the day so that's epic. ALSO the Spirit is SO strong here and everyone is so great!! Unfortunately, the Mexico City temple is closed for remodeling so we won't be able to do a session while we are down here (which made me SO sad) but we will still get to go to the Visitors Center next P day. It rains EVERY DAY here. Me and Hermana Sainsbury did a dance in the rain the other day and people could see us out their classroom windows haha some elder complimented us on it was creepy but whatever, we had fun :) 

AND thats enough of that! If you have more questions let me know but now onto the ACTUAL good stuff. 
This is HARD. I think I have probably had a meltdown every day. I haven't gotten to the point where I've seriously considered coming home, but I am always thinking of you guys. I miss you SO much. And every day has been hard in different ways, but I am learning more than I could have ever imagined. This is spiritual boot camp. WE HAVE FINISHED TEACHING OUR FIRST INVESTIGATOR LAST NIGHT. we taught her 5 times, and it was...interesting. But there were so many instances where I was carried. Whether it was while preparing, while in the middle of trying to express myself, or while bearing my testimony to her. Those were powerful experiences. PRAYER IS REAL. If you ever doubt that, get on your knees and really try it. We pray all the time here, and I can't explain how important it is in this work. Revelation will not come unless you ask for it. The Spirit will be with you when you genuinely acknowledge that you need it. Me and Hermana Sainsbury have a hard time with the language. The struggle is REAL. but I have felt words come to mind to express thoughts I didn't know I could. It was AMAZING. 
The Priesthood is a real power. Last week i got SICK. It was awful... I couldn't focus in class for a whole day (which is 2 segments of 3 hours each), I was always in pain, and I had no desire to do anything... I brought it up to one of our elders, and he said that they were giving a blessing to my District Leader later and could give one to me too if I wanted. So anyways, there were 4 of them that gave me a blessing, and I FELT the pain leave me. It was powerful, and the things they blessed me with were things I needed at that moment. Keep in mind this was given through those boys I mentioned earlier-- These boys become men when they are performing their priesthood duties and I gained so much respect for them. 
Also, Heavenly Father knows me personally. I have had prayers answered, and have felt so strengthened by Him EVERY DAY. This is His work, I am His servant, these are His children. I can't waste my time here because this is my time to serve HIM. I am preparing in this CCM to enter the field, follow His spirit, and speak to His children in their language. I have felt the importance of my calling and I know my purpose. I am introducing people to MY SAVIOR. He can strengthen them like He has strengthened me, and I can't wait to serve in Texas. I know that I am God's investigator right now and that He wants everything for me that I want for my investigators.. CHRIST IS MY COMPANION. I am here for a reason and that reason is to serve Him with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I am learning so much every day about the language, about the gospel, and about myself. I wish I could explain every experience and every blessing and I'll hopefully get better at typing on these Mexican computers haha the keyboards are so weird. BUT right now, just know I am happy. I am doing my best to enjoy every moment and not be worried or anxious. I KNOW THAT THIS IS WHERE I NEED TO BE. I know that this church is SO true. Prayers are answered, scriptures are God's words to US, and Heavenly Father knows and loves His children. Jesus Christ suffered for ME. I matter to Him, and so do all of His children. I love this work. I love the gospel. And I LOVE being a missionary. 
Love you all BEYOND WORDS. Have an amazing week! 
Love, Hermana Rogers 

Quotes of the weeek: 
"Podemos.......rodillas?" -Elder Young (translation...can we.....knees?) 
"So this one time, I was getting beans, and he was getting beans too" -moi
"Tiene cintura?" (I asked this to a guy at the reception desk... Cintura means Waist in spanish..... I meant tape) 
" padre...todo su vida?" (I asked THIS to our investigator... It means, Is he your dad all your life? UH... no duh, Sherlock) 

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