Sunday, August 17, 2014

Semana Tres

So my BIGGEST UPDATE this week is that it flew by AND I wasn't an emotional wreck. I know, its a miracle but definitely 2 good signs there! So anyways- the CCM got hit hard with some bug thing (or salmonella- no one knows for sure) Saturday night 3 companionships left our evening classes early because they were SICK. One of our Elders was green in the face and it was scary- Sunday at church 4 out of 12 from our district was there... it was BAD. Hermana Sainsbury was one of the people who got sick so we spent a bit of time at home this week, but she is all better now!! 
While we were gone though, our elders- who by the way are the best- wrote us notes because they missed us. (Lets be honest- they probably fell apart without us;) My favorite two notes were from Elder Heileson and Elder Roundy. Elder Heileson said about Hermana Sainsbury's sickness, "It could be worse. 2 Kings 2:23-24" Then Elder Roundy went off about how we are their big sisters, "except you can't hit us or yell at nice big sisters. Come back, we need our Hermanas" It made my day. 

Before everyone got sick, we had TRC which stands for Teaching Resource Center... they explained it as "bringing people in from outside the CCM" Which I interpreted to mean, "Best bring your A-game because you're teaching REAL people this week!!" (Sidenote- I have a confession. I think I made myself sound much cooler than I actually am. We haven't taught any real investigators yet... The investigators we have had all turn out to be our teachers here in the CCM. The stories are real, they take someone they taught on their missions and pretend to be them, but all in all, I am not legit yet). ANYWAYS. Saturday we taught Hermano Beltran's wife... It was nice to meet her, but teaching her was a little awkward because the whole time she kept bearing testimony to us. She is a very active member and we had no idea what to teach her, but it was still a fun lesson! She is way cute :) 

I learned SO much this week. It feels like nothing really too out of the ordinary happened... but yet my brain is EXPLODING with all the things I want to tell you guys! 
Elder Bednar. Character of Christ. Christmas Devotional. (I think every person should read this talk... so if you find it, I want a copy, and if you can post a link to it on my blog, that would be great :)) IT IS AN INCREDIBLE TALK! I can't even try to summarize it, but I will talk about what hit me the hardest and got me thinking this week. CHRIST TURNS OUTWARD IN LOVE AND COMPASSION WHEN THE NATURAL MAN IN US WOULD TURN INWARD IN SELFISHNESS. Elder Bednar told ME, "This mission IS NOT ABOUT YOU. Get over yourself, get out of the way, and quit worrying about what you want. Your investigators need to be converted to the Lord, not to you". My role here is to lead people to their Savior so that through the Spirit, they can gain a testimony and work on their conversion process! This week, I learned a lot about CONVERSION and GRACE. I will try to explain what is going through my head. 

Conversion is consistently living what we believe, not in our own strength, but in HIS strength. The Atonement gives us strength beyond our own to do good and become better. Through Christ's grace, we are able to put aside the natural man in us and become a "Saint"- a true disciple of Jesus Christ. We are here on earth to try and become more like Jesus Christ- we certainly won't be perfect at it, but He doesn't expect perfection! Christ came so that we can CHANGE. We can turn our weaknesses into strengths and change our natures. Repentance is RETURNING to God so we can align our will more fully with His. Everything I teach as a missionary is about turning towards God, who is the ultimate source of lasting joy and happiness. I am called to SERVE HIM and bring HIS CHILDREN to the light and knowledge of the Gospel. He will enable me to perform the calling I have been given. I CANT DO THIS MYSELF. I am not going to convert anyone, THE SPIRIT WILL. I am a messenger of the Spirit- my testimony may be the spark to start their conversion process, but that is only if I am living worthy of the Spirit and doing my best for my words to be HIS words. 

I don't know if any of that made sense, but those are a bit of my thought processes!! Heavenly Father knows what I needed to hear this week, and I am feeling so incredibly grateful for my call to serve. My calling to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to do the things that He would do if He were here. I love this gospel and I love this work. I'm excited for the moment I can become a "real" missionary haha but my time will come eventually ;) 
I love you all!! I hope you've been having a fun week with the family in town! 

PS in 8 days I will have been out 1 month whaaaaat??? 
PPSS. Yesterday was funny. My spanish was broken and my teacher asked me after class, "Hermana, qué pasó con su español?" (What happened with your spanish??) I couldnt figure out how to say anything back to him in spanish so I stuttered for a while and then he said, "Hermana su español murió" (That means my spanish DIED) Thank you Hermano Beltran hahah it was hilarious... 

LOVE YOU!! Sincerely, Hermana Shaelyn Marie Rogers

Here's the link to the talk she mentioned:

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  1. Hermana Rogers! I love and miss ya! You're doing so great! I'm really proud of you! We all knew that you'll do and be great! You've already been a great sister with a powerful testimony! You got it all sister! Keep it up, learning and experiencing everything the mission and what the Lord brings to you and treasure it! The KEY to being the best disciple/missionary is just to love the Lord, the work, and the people with all your heart =) - Love Ya - (Former Hermana) Angelina Frisan