The Caudillo Family

4th of July Celebration with the Keffer Family

Crazy Reptile Place

Hermana Bravo y Rogers

Houston Temple



Frog Legs

Octopus and Squid Gumbo Stuff

Felipe and his mom and the meal they all made

New Companion!

Transfer 7: Hermana Hurst
The District

Hermana Davies, Johnson, and Rogers

Gerardo at Church

Hugo's Baptism

Hugo is a Member

Hugo's Baptism

Adios Hermana Fonoimana-Lessary

Hermana Fonoimana-Lessary, Nyomi, and Hermana Rogers

Giant Pizza



Luau (Nyomi and Moises)

At the Temple

Moises' Baptism

Nyomi and Moises 

Houston sign

Dinner with Paco

Gilberto and Tito

Tito's Baptism

Reunited with Perez and Hugo

New Area (U of H)

Hermana Rogers and Hermana Fonoimoana Lessary

Elders Ressler and Wilder

Marcos Manuel's Baptism

Michael and Tito

Elder Kalilimoku and President Drake

Hermana Stiles, Rogers, y Williams

Tin Roof with the Morales family, Torres family, and Brother Rial

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas from Rogers, Stiles, & Perez

Feliz Navidad

Making Tamales for Christmas

Super District Christmas

Hermana Perez, Rogers, and Siles

The Butchered Cow

Diego and his brother, Junior

Hugo's Letter

President Drake Playing Basketball


Birthday Celebration

Nametags by the temple

Texas BBQ for these Sisters

BBQ House

Diego's Baptism

 Diego's Baptism

Care Package

 New Shirts

In the Car

Tennis on P-Day

Dinner Appointment

Selfie with some Cows?

Teaching in the Trailer Park

Tracting in the Trailer Park

Gilberto's Baptism

Hermana Rogers and Perez in the car

Hermana Rogers and Perez at "The Gulf of Mexico"

Chowing down with Hermana Perez

Trying New Foods- Chili Mango Thing

New Companion - Hermana Perez (Middle)

Houston, Texas Airport

Hermana Hall and Hermana Rogers Reunited

Last Week at CCM

Language Study

 District on P-Day

 Roomate Party

Hermana Sainsbury, Ake, Siza, and Rogers

Reunited with Some BYU Friends

The District at the Mexico City Visitor's Center
Hermana Rogers and Sainsbury at the Mexico City Temple

District 19-C at the CCM

MTC Companions - Hermana Sainsbury and Hermana Rogers

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