Monday, March 30, 2015

Alooooha Mahalo

AH this week!!! Hermana Fonoimoana-Lessary leaves tomorrow-- it is soooo weird to think about and has been very crazy helping her prepare to go home, but she has had a great mission full of success and we ended it on such a great note!!!! This transfer has been SO AWESOME. :) And yesterday was....

MOISES'S BAPTISM!!!!!!! :) That was such a happy day! He had to be baptized right after church because there was a stake program in the evening, so a TON of members stayed to support him which was awesome for us to see, whether he was thrilled about it or not I won't say haha but it was such a great program. Him and Nyomi have seriously become some of our greatest friends here and seeing Moises be baptized was an INCREDIBLE moment! Nyomi gave the talk on baptism and it was the sweetest thing- she started crying and made me start crying (and made Moises start laughing because we all were crying) It was such a great moment though. Moises has come a long ways and progressed so much and now him and Nyomi's next goal is to be married in the temple :) My heart!! The service was so spiritual and there was so much support from the ward! President and Sister Drake even came! It was so awesome :)
That was the highlight of the week for sure :) He was confirmed right afterwards so Hermana F-L got to see everything before she left, and Moises wouldn't have to wait until the week after conference to receive the Holy Ghost :)

The rest of this week has been crazy as well! On Thursday we had the Hawaiian Luau!!! It was so much fun but waaaaaay a lot of work! We were at the church at 1 Pm until around 9:45 setting up, decorating, getting dressed up in our costumes, cooking, practicing, helping the members put on their costumes, teaching and learning more dances (one of the ones me and another Hermana performed, I learned an hour before it started haha), IT WAS CRAZY! But it all worked out SO well! The food was delicious, the decorations looked SO good, we had a great turnout, everyone enjoyed the dances, some investigators came, and it was just all around good fun :) Plus it was a sweet going away party thing for Hermana Fonoimoana Lessary :) It was a crazy adventure but I am happy we did it! I had a blast as well and suffice to say I slept SO good that night haha :)

We got to go through the temple with Lucia Serrano from West Lake Houston!!! It was such an amazing and heart-filling experience :) I love her so much and being there in the temple with her was incredible! I got to see Eva and Gilberto and Hermana Serrano again too as well as Hermana Oviedo, Villarreal, Renteria, AH it was so great :) I love going to the temple, feeling the Spirit and learning more about Heavenly Fathers love for ME. I felt love SO strongly when I was there and I know that the gospel is ETERNAL! :)

ALSO MORE BIG NEWS. We got flushed!!!!!!! :(  Friday night we got a phone call from the Assistants to the President that our area was being changed to Elders and that I was moving to another area. They told me right there where I would be going-- the area is called Pecan Park and my companions will be Hermana Davies and Johnson! So the good news is that I will be in the same ward!!! I was SO grateful for that, but I was really sad that I had to say goodbye to all of our investigators. If they come to church I can still see them though (which is the goal anyways to get them to church so its a win-win!) I won't be in a bike area anymore which I guess is good (although I was enjoying the exercise) and these Hermanas get fed more because they can actually drive to members houses! So there are pros and cons for sure, but the transition will happen tomorrow! It'll be good! I will be in a trio again and the Hermanas I am going with are super fun and hard workers :)

My new address is
5718 Eskridge #9
Houston, TX

I just wanted to wish yall a Happy Easter as well!
I am so excited for this weekend-- for General Conference and the opportunity to ponder on the significance of the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. HE LIVES and because He lives we have the hope and assurance of eternal life. Because of Him we are able to continually change and better ourselves and prepare ourselves for the eternities with our Father in Heaven. This is the GREATEST NEWS THAT THERE IS! We have a Savior and Redeemer! There is someone that loves you and understands everything you are going through in every moment. He is our Older Brother and our Best Friend. I am so grateful for His Atonement and Resurrection :) I hope you all can spend some time this next week pondering what this means for YOU. YOU are a CHILD OF GOD and HE LOVES YOU. 
I love you so much too :)
Hope you have a great Easter and Conference weekend!
With all my love, 
Hermana Rogers

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