Monday, April 6, 2015

Feliz Dia de Pascua!

This week was so awesome! It was pretty weird saying bye to Fonoimoana-Lessary, knowing that I wouldnt see her around the mission anymore, but we finished our transfer off on a really....big note? LOOK AT THAT PIZZA!!!! haha Moises and Nyomi took us to this MASSIVE PIZZA PLACE and we ate SO much food, so I probably gained like 20 pounds right there. But it was so fun to spend time with all them- Moises and Nyomi are definitely some of my closest friends now :) I was sad that I am not in their area anymore, but happy to still be in the same ward so I will see them at church! And Fonoimoana Lessary is already at her home in Hawaii! It's crazy to think about, but I am glad that she gets to be with her family now! We had such a great 6 weeks together and I am grateful for everything I learned from her! 

MY NEW AREA: PECAN PARK! I already knew I was going here last week, but now that I am here I can actually tell you about it. I feel like I have been in this area forever even though it has been less than a week. Hermana Davies and Johnson are amazing missionaries and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to serve with them. They are the most exactly obedient missionaries I have seen and will really help me in my efforts to straighten up! I have so many goals this transfer and I really believe that with them I can do anything-- they are supportive and self-less, hardworking and helpful and reach out to all the members. I know I am here for a reason and I have a lot to learn this transfer! I feel like I have already been their companion the transfer before because they were the ones who had to pick us up to go anywhere....haha and we spent a lot of time together, so its fun because I already knew them :) We have a blast together!!! We are all pretty crazy (not quite Perez and Stiles crazy though haha that was insane ;) But I really am SO happy with them and this week had been pretty rough for a lot of reasons, but so far we have all learned a lot about each other and grown way close! I don't even know how to explain it all but we are going to have an awesome transfer. 
SOO the people here! Well there's not a TON of people we are teaching, but we are working on it! We found 6 new investigators this week though-- that is something we are really focusing on. Finding!!! Its going to be interesting because I was used to having people like Narciso and Maria M who had been taught everything just struggled with the decision to be baptized. We were finding a lot in University of Houston too, but here we DEPEND on finding. Some of our most serious investigators here kind of flaked out on us this week, so that was a little rough. BUT we had a cool experience that we are hoping turns out to be our next big miracle. 
​So wednesday morning we were all talking as we were getting ready and I said, "I really want to baptize a FAMILY" So we talked about it and all agreed that we wanted to find a family that was ready to be baptized. I can't remember who said what, but we came to the conclusion that the family would have 3 kids, and Davies said that one of the kids would be just under the age of baptism. We went through our studies and then in companionship prayer and our prayers before we left the house, we asked specifically to find this family of 3 kids today... We had scheduled out an hour of our day to knock, but by the time we got out of an appointment, we only had around 20 minutes to go knock. So we went to the place we had planned to knock, parked our car and prayed that even though we only had a short amount of time, that we would still find this family. We got out of the car and this guy was walking past us, so we walked with him and talked to him but he really was not interested and told us that openly. Then there was this lady at the house across the street that was walking into her house. Johnson said, "Lets go talk to her--hurry!" so we ran over there and called out to her. She came over and talked to us- long story short SHE HAS 3 GIRLS! 20, 16 and 7 years old!! :))) We were really excited!!! then she wasnt at the return appointment but we won't give up because she was who we prayed to find!!! 

I was really bad at scheduling my time today, but I want to bear my testimony that I know that our Savior LIVES!!! He is our Resurrected Redeemer and because of Him we have the opportunity to learn and grow here on earth! Our weaknesses can be turned into strengths and each of us has the ability to CHANGE! He loves us infinitely and perfectly, even though we are completely imperfect. He is our Savior Jesus Christ and He knows us. I have felt so strongly that we can always have HOPE because of Him!!! He knows our potential and there are no limits to who we can become THROUGH HIM. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have as Latter-Day Saints that Jesus Christ lived to set an example for us, that He suffered and died to pave the way for us, and that He rose again to provide us with Eternal Life! That really is the ultimate goal and when we have that perspective, trials in life only make us stronger. I realize so much on the mission that this life is only a blink in the expanses of eternity. We are here to prepare for the kinds of people we want to be FOREVER and this Gospel really is the only way to everlasting happiness!!!

I loved this conference weekend. I loved the messages that were shared by the Prophet, Apostles and other General Authorites! I learned so much that addressed the concerns I had. I know that through this gospel we can have an eternal perspective!! We can have faith in the future and find joy in the here and now! :) This is the salvation of mankind!!! We are DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST! I am so so so happy that I have been raised with this gospel! Thank you mom and dad for teaching me the right way and helping me to value my membership in the church! There is nothing more important than this :) "No other work transcends that of righteous, intentional parenting" -Russel M. Nelson THANK YOU MOM AND DAD, and GRANDMA AND GRANDPA ROGERS AND SENFT for raising them so that they could raise me, and so that in the future I will be able to raise my family in the truth! I hope you all have an incredible week! I am sorry this was short I lost track of time but I love you all!!! Happy Easter, hope you have a great week! 
Hermana Rogers 

"Jesus Christ will grasp us as we fall, hang on with His MIGHT,...and lift us to ETERNAL LIFE" 
-Jeffrey R. Holland 
(one of my favorite talks by far!!) 

"The Atonement will compensate for any lack for all those who turn to Him"
D. Todd Christofferson

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