Monday, March 16, 2015

What. A. Week.

Hello there familia :) 
Hope all is well with yall! This week has been absolutely INSANE and I am so excited to tell you all about it. Haha I think this has been one of the funniest weeks by far as well.... man and SO busy!!! 
We taught like maniacs this week which has been a blast! We found and taught a bunch of new people and are excited to see where they go! :) 
I have learned a lot this week as well, both by experience and in my studies and from my leaders and I don't even know where to start. 

Okay I will start with the biggest lesson I learned this week. Although the large majority of this week was insanely amazing, I also had a painful wake up call. I knew that there were some things that I need to work on as far as being a Preach My Gospel missionary that is exactly obedient, and this week I had a hard look at myself and every thing I was doing, no matter how big or small it was, that wasn't making me be exactly obedient and it was painful. It really opened my eyes to the things I had been justifying or making light of. I have been repenting and studying repentance in order to more align every single action I am doing with that of Heavenly Father. I know that the rules I am given are inspired by God and that I have them so that I can live worthily of the Spirit and work my hardest to help others come unto Christ. This isn't something to be taken lightly!!! I have no time to waste to be anything other than exactly obedient and I have no one to blame but myself for the things I had done wrong. So I guess in a nutshell that is what I have learned and studied and worked on this week. I talked with my companion and together we made a list of things that we could do that would help us to be more obedient in every aspect of our work. I am making the decision now that there isn't any other option and it made me sad to think that I hadn't completely made that decision earlier. 

But aside from that realization and process of turning my thoughts around, we have had a great week. I went on exchanges to a different area, so I don't know EVERYTHING that happened with everyone but we are still working with everyone! 

We got to see Jose and Guadalupe again and they were so sorry about the last week! He said that the scriptures and hearing the word of God were his treasure and that he had missed out this last week by not talking to us. 

Luis and Raul are doing good! Still apartment searching and neither of them came to church which was very sad, but we will get Luis there!! They want to move in together and so hopefully they will continue to strengthen and encourage each other! They're so great :) Luis we gave him a Bible and Book of Mormon this past week, and after the lesson we had asked him if there was anything we could do for him and he said, "Look! (and holds up the scriptures) What more can you do for me you have already done so much! I am going to be very happy with what you have given me tonight"

Moises is AWESOME and still progressing towards baptism! We went bowling with him and Nyomi and went out to eat on Monday, and afterwards we had them drop us off at another appointment-- we thought we were just hanging out with them on a P-day, but then Moises asked us, "What is the lesson about today?" It was so awesome :) I love them so much!! 

Narciso is....haha still Narciso! We sooo badly want for him to be baptized the 29th but he still has those things he needs to give up first, even though he has been taught everything the past 3 years and knows its all true and comes to church and pays tithing and everything! We will see about what will happen! 

And we met so many more people that I will tell you about as I get to know them more :) I am stoked with all this potential we have seen!! Heavenly Father is helping us do work here in U of H! 

Now I have to tell you some of the funny/crazy things that happened:
--Elder Wilder said to me on Monday: 
"Hermana Rogers!! Today is my 2 months and 2 days mark!"
I said: "Oh!!!! Yesterday you hit one month?!??" 
He said, " 2 days ago, I hit 2 months"
"Ohhhh...okay wait say that again??" 
hahahaha yeah I am brilliant- been outta school too long. 
--I was talking to a member family telling them about a pinata me and F-L made. I said, "It was a rotweiller, like the one in Up with the collar that made its voice all high!"
They said, "That was a Doberman Pinscher"
I said, "Wait what? Whats a Doberman Pinsher??" 
They said, "Uh the dog in Up with the collar that made its voice all high"

--I asked F-L if we needed another half gallon of cereal... meant milk

--I asked these two kids what their names were, and one of them answered, "Santiago and Emilio" I said, "Ok cool what's your name?" to the other kid... he looked really confused then said, "Emilio?" 

--We were coming out of Jack in the Box, got on our bikes and started riding away, then Fonoimoana-Lessary said, "Look there's Moises!!!" So I SLAMMED on my brake to say hi to him as he drove past but I only slammed on the front brake so I fell onto my handle bar then practically fell off my bike as I was trying to wave and he definitely saw the whole thing...

--I was on exchanges with Andrus and there was a 4 way stop.. as we were biking up to it, the car that was stopped waved us on and said we could keep going, but I guess Andrus didn't see him. So she stopped and I didnt and crashed into the back of her. The person that was at the stop sign saw and yelled out to me, "Hope you have insurance!!" hahah oops. 

ANYWAYS it was a wonderful week of my clumsiness but don't worry dad I haven't stopped being the embarrassing daughter you know and love ;) everyone loves hearing about all the dumb things I did that day haha just trying to keep people entertained....those might have been "had-to-be-there" moments but hope you thought they were funny! There were plenty more don't you worry! my comp started a clumsy list hahah. 

Hope everyone is well! I love you all :) It has been an incredible week and I have lots I am learning and doing! Thank you for all your support and prayers! I love you so much! 
Love with all my heart, 
Hermana Rogers

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