Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Texas Houston East (THE Mission)

Texas Houston East all the way!!! So I am now officially HERE. 

I had an incredible experience at the MTC and i have the feeling i will be getting a little nostalgic this week, but ITS OKAY BECAUSE IM A REAL LIFE MISSIONARY NOW. Its time for me to FORGET MYSELF AND GO TO WORK!!! Im here to meet people and love and serve and teach HIS GOSPEL! I am here to serve with all my might, mind and strength!! 

The past few days have been so crazy and all blurred together, but I will try to explain them... monday i woke up at 1:50 with the Hermanas in my room because they were all leaving for McAllen Texas! i walked them over to take their stuff, then went back with some other Sisters in my casa... they went back to bed and I sat alone in my empty room for 2 hours. It was the loneliest i have felt in a LONG time. it didnt help that it was only a couple hours until i was leaving, so I was terrified out of my mind as well... PLUS running on 2 hours of sleep this entire day- it was rough. 

The flight went over well though- i was with a group of 11 missionaries heading from the CCM to Houston East, so I had plenty of people looking out for me! It was kind of hard because 9 of them were all from the same district, so they were SUPER close, but me and Elder Heath were representing 19-C, and i was so grateful I had him. Anyways, everything went smooth, but there was a bit of a close call as far as actually making it on the plane though haha... they didn't start loading until about 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time, and they weighed our carry-ons and personal items-- a lot of ours weighed too much. SO we had to go back through the airport to pay fees, and while we were in line, it was time for the plane to take off.. some lady with a clipboard came running over and asked us our names and if we were on the flight that was about to leave. They waited for us, but we had barely sat down when the plane started leaving. i dont know if any of that made sense at all. Either way, we had said so many prayers in the airport and I know God was taking care of us so we could be HERE!!! 
When we got to Houston, we met up with another group of missionaries from the Provo MTC- there were 23 of us total! President and Sister Drake were there to meet us- they are AWESOME and i know they'll be good little "mission parents" ;)
It is hotter than a bucket of red ants here... My hair is massive haha I'm looking forward to rocking an afro for the next 17 months ;) 
Anyways! We went straight to the mission home and took pictures and ate lunch- then had our interviews with President Drake and learned a TON of rules and guidelines that mostly went soaring over my head. I was SO tired and brain-dead, but its all good! 

We had a testimony meeting that night and it was SO incredibly powerful- more than words can express. Honestly, I thought I knew that I was supposed to be here before, but during that meeting, I was so overwhelmed with the knowledge that God has sent me HERE, to Houston, for a reason and that I am where I need to be. That has been a repeated theme since that moment too- This is the work I (Shaelyn Marie Rogers) am called to do here. I spent the night at a different apartment with some of the mission staff-- they are a hilarious older couple named Elder and Sister Swank. Elder Swank is beyond words intimidating haha he did the rule presentation and I don't think any of us dared breathe while he was presenting. THEN I show up to his house and he has crocheted everything in sight!! an afghan, a welcome sign, their tablecloth, some potholders and earrings for his wife... it was hilarious and so unexpected, but he really is talented! :) I love them and they are such a sweet couple that is so dedicated to the Lord's service, and i can't wait to get to know them better.

This morning was crazy!! We woke up, exercised, studied and went back to the mission home for a breakfast and more rules- always a good time. There is a LOT for me to learn- THEN WE WENT TO TRANSFER MEETING!!! I was super nervous but calm....if that even makes sense. i wish i could express all my thoughts and emotions, but basically, moral of the story- this was a life-defining moment of truth ;) The Spirit was so strong that whole meeting, President and Sister Drake both spoke and then I met my companion HERMANA PEREZ!!!!!!!! :):) She is SO awesome and I cant wait to get to know her better!! I'll attach a picture but she is shorter than me, from Colombia (but lived in utah) and SHES BEEN OUT ONLY 3 MONTHS! We will be learning and growing together ;) she has such a fiery personality and I can't wait to work with her! 
Other than that I have just been adjusting to things, meeting people and bracing myself for the rest of the day! After I send this email we are shopping, going to dinner AND THEN I HAVE MY FIRST REAL LESSON!!!! Wish me luck! Actually no-- pray for me... I am so excited for this to be real! 

One quick miracle! We got lectured HARD when we got here about how unprepared this group was as far as sending things in that we needed to. Half of them hadn't gotten driving records (which is REALLY hard to do if its not in person apparently) and there were not very many bike situations figured out- and I started stressing. When I talked to Elder and Sister Swank last night, they told me I didn't have a bike and I would definitely need one- and that there were none available in the mission home but that I could go with my companion and buy one. ALSO they told me that I wouldn't be able to talk to you guys to figure it out until next Monday......
TODAY they came up to me and asked if I could go to the mission office after transfer meeting was over... i did, and turns out there was a bike there for me. It was Hermana Perez's companions who is going home this week-- and he GAVE IT TO ME TO USE FOR MY MISSION!! I was so happy because i had been anxious about the biking situation and prayed that i would be able to work something out. i am so sorry that my words are so ineffective, but either way, it was such a blessing and I now don't have to worry about it! :) 

I love you all!! I am excited to work and learn to love the people!! I am called to serve and i couldn't be more honored- i have SO much to learn and do and when i think about it I get overwhelmed, so for now i will just keep moving forward!! 
Have a great week!!! I loved that picture of TJ and Janaea:) Good luck with the start of school!! 
Love always, Hermana Shaelyn Rogers

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  1. Shaelyn, you rock!
    Thanks for the blog, it was fun to read! Also keeps me on track...it's surreal to think that in about 6 months I'll be serving a mission....So much to still to do!
    Well, I'll pray for you and your mission comp! What is it that Sister Bagely would say? Oh, yes: "The church is TRUE! Go be awesome!"