Monday, January 12, 2015

Nueva Companera

I really need to get more creative with the subjects of my emails haha but who has time for that? ;) 

Its been a crazy week! Theres another one of us!! her name is Hermana Williams and she is crazy too- soooo basically this transfer is going to be insane :) haha to describe her.... she is bad luck. The first night she was here, she broke a mirror in our apartment while she was moving in, which ruined our luck. The next day, Stiles broke a TV at an investigator's house, I broke Darly's curtains, and knocked a shelf off her wall, and then Hermana Williams broke a fork haha it was hilarious. But we broke our bad luck streak on Dia de los Reyes because we all found baby Jesus in our cake. (Ill explain.... haha)

There is a tradition in...Mexico I think where on "Day of the Kings" everyone's families buys this cake thats big and round. It has like dried fruit and sprinkles all over it (but it tastes good don't worry) Then inside of the cake, there are these tiny plastic babies that are supposed to be the baby Jesus. We each cut our own piece of cake, and if you have a baby Jesus inside, it means you have to do something nice for the rest of your family, and then on February 2nd you make food and give your kids a present (like you are the kings bringing a present to the Baby Jesus). I don't know if I explained that right....but we celebrated it a few times with different families. haha and at Darly's house, I found a baby in my cake, then Hermana Williams found one kind of in hers, and Stiles just cheated (but ended up with a baby anyways) so....our luck has been better now :) 

I handle Hermana Perez leaving pretty well until people ask me about it haha then I cry a little bit. I am going to be a MESS when I leave this area, I already know... But its been fun! haha jaime wrote a letter to perez before she left and in it he said "Chaylin es como una nina y se va a morir sin ti" AKA "Shaelyn is like a little girl and she is going to die without you" hahaha glad people have faith in me ;) 

Other than that it has been a crazy week. hahaha okay I need my 15 seconds of fame.... so. There is this less active family- the Gonzales. We went and ate with them this week, and they do this pancake eating contest with missionaries. The pancakes are literally almost as big as the plate and they are THICK. The record with Elders was 3, then some Hermana came and got 3 1/2, which blew them away..... guess how many I ate???.... 4. Daddio you better be proud of your daughter;) hahaha I definitely broke the record.... hahaha my companions each stopped at 2, but I kept going and ate as much as both of them combined. The family was so surprised they took a bunch of pictures of me haha so that's my mission for ya! #Prideful #Hungry #Fat. ;) 

Later we were eating dinner with another family (the same ones that told me they can tell I didnt eat healthy before the mission) they weren't as surprised...instead they started asking me how much weight I have gained on the mission. They were trying to guess my weight and their starting guess was 180.....rough. hahaha:) 

We have been contacting people like crazy this week- we haven't seen too much fruit from it yet, but I'm okay with planting seeds if it means other missionaries will be able to help these people in the future to progress and come unto Christ!

Hermana Williams is SUPER bold missionary... Some of the things she says I don't think I would have the courage to say, but I think there is a lot I could learn from her! I am excited to see how much we can accomplish in this area in these next 5 weeks! :) One cool thing-- 
January 23rd: I hit 6 months
January 30th: Stiles hits 9 months
February 5th: Williams hits 1 year (12 months) 

As far as investigators! Tito is still progressing towards his date on the 25th :) He is so awesome and has a genuine desire to change his life-- hopefully that will kick in and start helping him change habits, but I believe in him!! Yolanda is also doing great- this past week we had been praying a ton that she would get work off on Sunday and come to church, and then SHE GOT SUNDAY OFF!!! She was soooo excited to be able to come to church but then we stopped by Sunday before church and... then she didnt show up. It was super disappointing, but I guess thats why patience is a Christlike attribute! But while we were at her house on Sunday, we re-got in contact with Juan Manuel and also Luis' daughter Christina so hopefully their lessons will happen this week!! :) They seem really willing to learn! 
With Irma, we found out that her husband had passed away about 2 months ago (me and Hermana Perez had met and talked to him before) it was really sad, and I think it shook up their family a lot. She has 5 kids, and now she's a single mom, but I also think that it is a really good time for us to be there for her because there is so much in the gospel that can bring us comfort when tragedies happen. I am grateful to have a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation that I can share with people here. 
Paco wants to help us teach Tito (they're the same age) and it is so awesome to see how much Paco has changed!! He told us this week "some people think the scriptures are just words on paper and that they don't matter, but to me they are important. There are things in the scriptures that I can apply to my life that will help me change" .....Like whoa. 

We went to the temple again this week with a Reactivated member that Stiles taught in Broadway so she could get her endowments! It was amazing to be there and I am soooo grateful for temples and the blessing that we have to be able to go and do work for the other side as well. 

I love this gospel so much!! I am so grateful to be a missionary!! The church is true!! have a great week! Love yall! :) 
Hermana Rogers

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