Monday, January 5, 2015

No Mires Atras de Ti

Hey familia! 
So this week has been crazy and felt soooo long I dont even remember the beginning of this week hardly! Ill do my best to summarize though! 

First Ill explain the No Mires Atras de Ti. This is a messsge we have been sharing with people- there is a mormon message (i dont know what it is called in English) but it talks about the story of Lot and  his wife, and how once they left the wickedness, they were commanded not to look back. But Lots wife decided to turn back (bad idea) and she turned into a pile of salt. We have been focusing a lot on goals, with ourselves and with everyone we teach and visit. We talk about bad habits and lifestyles that we need to change- When we decided to change something, we cant look back, we have to move forward and leave the old life behind. This has hit ne really hard this week. A third of my mission is almost gone... i decided to leave my life behind and come out here to serve the Lord. I cant look back, be homesick or trunky, get distracted, or stop progressing! This is my time to change, move forward, and serve other people with all that i am. This isnt a time to look back!! For the new year I have plenty of goals that will help me, and i know i have a long way to go... by the end of the mission, I want to be able to say that I left everything behind and served with all my heart, might, mind and strength and didnt hold back any of myself. I truly want to forget myself and my desires and focus on what the Lord needs me to do here. I want to become who He wants me to be and learn to follow the Spirit! I have high expectations for my mission and i am excited to work hard and see all that the Lord can accomplish through me. 

One way cool miracle story from this week. So Yolanda! A reminder real fast- we found her last transfer during an hour that we were knocking. I dont remember if I wrote this story to yall, but we were about to knock a trailer park, but i got a weird feeling and asked if we could go bsck to a different one Id seen on the way there. We left and went to the other place, knocked all the trailers and everyone rejected us and werent very nice, except the last trailer. a guy answeree, and when we asked if we could share a message, he said "Why not?" And let us in. As we were sharing the Restoration, Yolanda came in, and when we talked about the First Vision, she started crying and crying... okay fast forward to this week. So!! We were teaching her, and she starts telling us this story...
She used to talk to the Jehovahs Witnesses all the time and she loved it. But then she lost a baby, and she told the Jehovahs Witnesses never to come back, she didnt want to talk about God, and she stopped studying for 10 years... then she was sad, she realized that she had lost her God, and started praying for someone to come study with her again. A few days later, we knocked on her door. She said to us something along the lines of, if this is where i need to stay, here i will stay. We are working with her and teaching her and she says she always has to worl Sundays but she has faith in miracles that her schedule can change. She is incredible!!! This experience strenghened my testimony so much that the Lord is preparing people who are searching for the truth, and the the Spirit can lead us to those people. It was amazing!!

Another cool thing! Paco blessed the Sacrament on Sunday! He (ever since we have started teaching him) would be too nervous to read in front of us out loud... and so when Obispo asked him if he would bless the sacrament the next Sunday, he got nervous. We went over and practiced with him during the week, and he was scared he was going to make a mistake, but we told him if he said a prayer before, everything would work out. He did awesome- i felt like a proud parent haha :) But really it was so cool to see him progressing! 
Also Tito came to church!!! :) 

Thursday during Hour of Power, we had prayed with our dinner appointment to be able to find a family. We drove to an area around our next appointment and started knocking. It was dark, freezing cold, there were scary dogs, and no one was interested- but we kept knocking... We knocked one door and a little boy answered. We asked if his mom was there and she let us right in. It was a family of 5, and the mom and oldest daughter were super interested!! We taught the whole first lesson, and they asked about where the church was and how they could be involved! It was awesome. :) We will see what happens with them! 

Other than that, New Years was so fun!! We went to Obispo's house, ate Pozole (my favorite), watched fireworks, played ukulele, hung out- it was great! 

Also! We spent a day blitzing the Elders area. They have a lot more difficult area and harder time finding investigators, so we helped them knock. We found a lady namee Angeles. She is the COOLEST. She had just gotten out of jail, and was SO wiling to learn. We taught and talked to her a ton, she described the spirit she felt, and then asked how she could get to church. We told her a member could give her a ride, and she got so excited!!! Then after a while  her brother in law walked in and she made him sit down and started reading and discussing the Restoration pamphlet with him. It was so awesome!!! :)) Im happy I get to watch her continue progressing too! This week is awesome! 

I dont have my old planner with me and I honestly cant remember what else has happened this week, i think what i wrotr were sufficient highlights ;) Its been a great week! I am sad that Hermana Perez is leaving for  this next transfer. Im grateful for all the time we had together though. She is amazing and Im glad i got to serve in West Lake Houston with her! Everyone respects and loves her- its been real. She has taught me so much. I love Hermana Perez!! 

Okay this got so long Im sorry!!! But its been a miraculous week :) I love the mission! I love seeing the hand of the Lord in everything :) 
Im excited to continue learning and growing and helping people come to know the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ! :) 
I hope you all have a great week! What New Years Resolutions do you all have and how can I help you acheive them? Dont look back! Keep moving forward! 
I love you! 

Love, Hermana Rogers

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