Monday, November 3, 2014

Not a Week for the Weak in Stomach


So this week was insane cool. I will try to summarize but you know me! 
First of all Happy Belated Halloween haha mine was super calm. We couldn't be out of the house after 7 PM so me and my companion made up a rap because that's her thing... We rapped for hours and my voice has been gone ever since hahah its the funniest thing ever. Everyone thinks I am whispering at them but no, I just have no voice. I think its EBOLA. 

The CRAZIEST MOMENT OF MY WEEK (and hopefully my entire life) was Saturday. So we were planning on doing service for the Serrano family by helping them set up for a birthday party. We show up and THEY ARE SLAUGHTERING A COW IN THE BACKYARD. It was a straight-up butchershop in the back of their house.........WHAT THE LANTA TEXAS. The Serrano family was all bloodied up and the kids were just playing in the background like nothing was happening. It took me about 10 minutes to get over the shock, then I was all over that thing. I helped skin the face, held the heart, played with the muscles, pulled out the tongue, poked the stomach, felt the intestines, etc etc. It was way cool and didn't really phase me. (Until they served beef tacos later....then i couldn't do it. hahaha everyone made fun of me- I was fine playing with it, but I couldn't for the life of me eat it) Anyways. That was probably too graphic, I am sorry.... but just so you know, that is life! hahah it was crazy. Also... they cut up all the meat and everything, then hosed down all the blood and set up for the party right there!!!! Literally there was a plastic bag full of cow skin sitting off to the side of this 7 year old girls birthday party hahahah man. I love this culture. :) This week, I am looking forward to trying Menudo for the first time. (Intestine soup...... wish me luck!!) Lucky for you guys, all the pictures are on the Elder's camera, so i won't be sending any home :) 

Other than THAT there were some sweet miracles! So we were trying to bike to a member's house to visit a girl that got out of the hospital, and we had some extra time, so we stopped in a trailer park on the way. we knew our time was limited so we prayed to know where to go so that we could find someone to teach. Right as we were finishing our prayer, I heard a noise behind me and this lady named Carmen was coming out of her trailer. We started talking to her, and when we brought up the church, she told us her whole family are members in Mexico, but she wasn't baptized, then she moved here. She didn't have time right then to talk, but we set a return appointment for this week! :) it was such a testimony builder that prayers are answered and the Lord is looking out for us! 

During Hour of Power, we had another amazing experience. We were teaching the Restoration to this one family and as I was reciting the First Vision, tears were streaming down one lady's face and she kept talking about how she felt beautiful. When we tried to set a return appointment with the family, the grandma was trying to talk them out of listening to us, but she still said she wanted to! So we are teaching them again tomorrow :) I t was such an amazing experience. 

Funny story of my week: we went out to eat with a member (Hermano Torres) after he came to a lesson with us, and he asked what I was going to study. I told him I didn't know but I really liked psychology. I said, I probably won't be a therapist though because I am way too emotional. He said, "Who knows?! You could be a really successful therapist!! People would be telling you about their problems and then you'd start crying so much they would forget about themselves and ask you if YOU were okay! Then they would have to start comforting you and telling you that they were fine and everything would be alright! Then they'd run out of the room to your secretary and tell her they need a therapist for their therapist....." hahahahaha I died laughing it was the funniest thing anyone has ever said to me. He knows me.... and my emotions haha ;) 

So last Sunday I had prayed to know which member i could take to the lesson with Pete and Erika (the family with 3 boys). I felt like I should ask the second counsellor to come with us, even though I had no idea what his schedule looks like and he lives outside of our area. He told us when he was free and came to the lesson with us. Basically, it was SO inspired. Pete is very....bold and during the lesson, we couldn't really get a word in, but as soon as Hermano Torres would start talking, he listened. Hermano was able to relate to him with a lot of different experiences, like being a dad, drinking, not wanting to go to church, etc. We testified, and Hermano Torres was the only one that could really connect with him. Okay also in that lesson, I didn't talk very much at all, but at the end, Hermana Perez said, "my companion wants to share her testimony with you guys" I had been sitting there observing everything, and then out of no where I had to talk... (This is my overcoming fear problem) Anyways, Pete turns to me and said "Yes please! You're super quiet, I want to hear what you have to say!" I said a prayer in my head and then started talking. I felt the Spirit so strong. I don't know if anyone else did, and I dont' really remember what I said, but Pete didn't interrupt me once (which was not like how the rest of the lesson had gone). After the lesson, Pete thanked Hermano Torres and us 50 times for coming, and told us that he was so happy he had found someone that could relate to him. I know that Heavenly father had prompted me to invite Hermano Torres and that without him, we would not have been able to teach pete and Erika effectively. It was a sweet lesson. :) 

It has been an amazing week! I love being a missionary!! The experiences I am having are beyond comparison and I wouldnt trade this for anything! I hope all is going well at home! I love you all so much! :) Keep being awesome! This church is SO true- it changes lives!!! 

Happy November! (Where is time going?!) 
Hermana Shaelyn Marie Rogers

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