Monday, November 10, 2014

Feliz Cumpleanos A Shaelyn

Haha clever title huh? I keep thinking about how weird it is going to be to turn 20, but I think it won't really hit me. I'm older than my trainer did you know that? But anyways hope you all have an awesome my birthday! I don't think we have anyhing too fun planned, no worries. Fridays are always crazy though, and we have zone meeting this Friday so basically just a bunch of missionaries all in the same place- Elder Kalilimoku is in charge so hopefully it will be entertaining :) 

This week was awesome. No, I didn't butcher any more cows, but I did have a BAPTISM!!!!! :) Diego was baptized on Saturday!!! :):) He is such a cute kid, and it was so sweet to see him be baptized! There were 3 kids baptized that day, 2 that were 8 and then Diego. His dad baptized him and then he was confirmed in church on Sunday. I sang "Im trying to be like Jesus" (except in Spanish) at their baptism, and afterwards he came up to me and said, "It was funny when you sang!!" I said, "Funny? How come?" He said, "Well, I guess not really funny, just weird..." I asked him why it was weird and he said, "I dont know, I just got all tingly inside and my arms got cold" It was super cute haha I love that kid. :) 

That was definitely the highlight of my week haha other than that it was a really slow week because both me and Hermana Perez got sick, I think it was the flu, but I don't know. We still tried to work, but then got chastised by Kalilimoku and then our District Leader Elder Strong so...we spent a couple days inside just calling people to check up on them...pretty boring if I don't say so myself. I prefer to be a missionary outside I think. But I had lots of opportunities to write in my journal and study and read the ensign and listen to church music and make food and take medicine and lay around and cry. Haha I spent too much time by myself while my companion tried to sleep away her sickness. 

I went on exchanges one day to an english area. IT WAS SO WEIRD. I didnt even remember missionaries could speak that language!! Ha just kidding but it was kind of fun to actually understand everything that was going on for once ;) I went to a super country area and had Hour of Power there, and some of the houses we knocked on were way funny. I learned a new word, "Finna". Its Texan, the same thing as "Fixin to" which I don't know how to define. Ask Marie and Josh haha ;) I also heard, "A-Figurin" which I think means,"Thats what I thought" :) One house we knocked on, a kid came to the door and I heard the mom yell out from the back, "DON'T LET THE PIG OUT!!!!!" So that was exciting. And another just had chickens in their freezer...they fed us dinner was chicken. haha Texas. So even if I was an English-speaking missionary, I would still have culture shock haha :) 

I had a really powerful experience in Sacrament meeting that I am going to try to describe. I've been trying the past week to repent daily so that I can correct behaviors that are not in line with everything I am supposed to be doing and become a better missionary and person in general- which has been awesome. That is something I want to get in the habit of doing every single day for the rest of my life. Then in Sacrament meeting I was thinking about my week, and I saw a hand reaching out to me to pass me the Sacrament bread. When I saw the hand, I didn't see the bread at first, I pictured my Savior's hand reaching out to me. I felt Him handing me the representations of His sacrifice for me, and I knew that I was being forgiven, and that was the purpose of the Sacrament. During the sacrament hymn, one line stood out to me as I was playing, that says, "Think of me, thou ransomed one, Think what I for thee have done" I can't explain the feeling that washed over me, but I know that it came because I had been preparing myself all week to take the Sacrament. I had been trying to use the Atonement daily to change my nature, and I was feeling the Spirit purify my heart. I don't know if thats the kind of sacred experience that I am supposed to keep to myself, but more than anything I could have heard at that meeting, that was the feeling that renewed me for the week, and that was what brought the Spirit into my heart. I know that we take the Sacrament every week for a reason, and the blessings of the Atonement are ALWAYS there if we open ourselves up to receive them. 

I love you all!! I hope you have an amazing week!! :) Thank you for the love and support you have given me! :) 
I love being a missionary! I love West Lake Houston! I love my family- you guys are the BEST!!! 
Love, Your Hija/Hermana/Amiga/Misionera, 
Hermana Rogers 

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