Monday, October 27, 2014

The Gucci Plan

Hi Family!!! I love you all so much don't ever forget it! :) Before I start- Happy almost Halloween! It'll be an interesting one for us, we have to be in our apartment at 7 pm, with Hermana Perez! ;) What is everyone going to be?! I want to see pictures from the Trunk or Treat!!
Okay so I don't actually know if I have talked about my companionship vision for this transfer, but brace yourself. Its awesome. So it is called "the Gucci Plan" because that's Hermana Perez' favorite word haha... We set a ton of goals because it is our second transfer in this area and we want to be productive and effective and work hard and help the Lord make miracles happen here! West Lake Houston is exploding with success and blessings and we are loving life!! I talked about the 40 day sacrifice last week, that is part of our Gucci plan :) Then aside from that, we are fasting every Sunday for new investigators and opportunities to involve the ward more, then we have a list of things we want to do every day in order to become more powerful teachers. Some of which are: read 1 conference talk/day, 15 minutes PMG study every day, work on a Christlike attribute each week as a companionship, pray every time we leave the car or go into a lesson...etc. I can't remember them all right now, but its all written on a white board next to where we have companion study. Also we are being a lor healthier because we are both getting chubbier and thats not okay hah;) SO! Miracles happened this last week!!! :)
We got 7 new investigators. Thats DEFINITELY way more than normal but Heavenly Father blessed us SOOO much!! We found 2 families, one has 5 kids, the other has 3. I LOVE THEM! They are such happy people and are curious and willing to listen to us so I hope and pray that everything works out with them- we will be teaching them more this upcoming week. Then aside from the families we met 5 other people!! I don't even know how to describe them all but I will try to explain a few of the experiences we had!
Maria: We met her while we were walking to a different appointment- While we were praying with her, tears were streaming down her face and she completely opened up to us about her entire life after that. She has SO many things in her life that the gospel can help her with and I am so grateful that we were able to meet her and teach her! 
Herdina (honestly I didnt understand her name so I could be wrong) but she lives next to Darly and her family, and we met her because Darly wasn't home so we went and talked to her. When we told the Joseph Smith story, she was entirely in awe and tears were welled up in her eyes- she set a baptismal date right there and so we will be teaching her as much as we can this next week too!
Diego Juarez is a kid of a less-active family that we went to visit Saturday night, then Sunday Obispo called us into his office and asked if we would be able to teach him all the lessons so he can be baptized on November 8th! It fell into our laps, and was such a blessing! I am so excited to teach him, he is a funny kid :) He just barely turned 9 yesterday so he will be a convert in a couple weeks! :)
I LOVE THEM ALL okay I will explain more about them and the miracles we see with that but HOW AWESOME IS HEAVENLY FATHER??! He blesses His servants so much! We fasted for new investigators and now we have met so many new people that we can teach! :) Miracles happen. That is truth!
Okay and now Hugo! We love him so much!! Ahhhh... he came to church yesterday for the first time in a while because he didn't go to work with his dad. He is SO awesome haha I don't understand what he says a lot of the time but he has a way funny sense of humor. He loves to make fun of me because I cry all the time... its great aha.

AND PORFILIO!!! So we had given him a week long break- Hermana Perez asked him to read Alma 5 and pray about what he wants for his life basically... I was scared he was going to be mad at us, but IT WAS SO GOOD FOR HIM. (Goes to show me how lame fear is!! I should just trust that things will work out the way they need to if we boldly invite people to repent! My companion has no fear I'm pretty sure... She is such a good example to me) Anyways haha he has made some big changes in his life in just the last week, and told us how much of a difference we are making. He has been investigating for 20+ years, and told us yesterday he still doesnt want to get baptized, but he is changing his life for the better. So we will keep working with him!!! He is SO great haha he missed us so much he gave us presents when we finally went back there haha ;)
Okay that's plenty of people updates! We also had President interviews this week and I love President Drake. He is such a sweet man!!! It was a great opportunity to re-evaluate how things are going for me and how I have improved and seen the hand of the Lord in the things I am learning and doing. He gave me some awesome advice- simple, yet profound :)
D&C 4- There's so many qualities that will "qualify me for the work" and it's overwhelming if you think about it like that, but when you look at verse 7, "Ask and ye shall receive".. God is waiting to help us receive these qualities and become better, more powerful missionaries, we just have to ask Him! President told me basically to calm down and not worry about all the things I "didnt have" but instead to be grateful for what I do have and ask Him for strength in the things I am lacking in!

Anyways-- Elder Kalilimoku is crazy haha its so fun to have him as a ZL. We haven't had any zone things yet, but we saw him during President Interviews, District Meeting and P-day. :)
Everything is going awesome here! The Lord is blessing us SO much through our sacrifices and work! I truly believe we are going to see so many miracles over these next few weeks!!
Hope everything is going well for you guys! :) I love you!! Have a great Halloween!
Moroni 7:45-48 has been my scripture of the week! Charity!! When we have pure love for everyone, we won't be frustrated or impatient with their progress, but rather we will do EVERYTHING WE CAN to help them grow and develop their faith :) I am learning also to have that love towards myself because sometimes I am verrrrryyyy frustrated with the progress I want to be making, but Heavenly Father wants me to see myself as He sees me too- As a divine being with potential! I don't know if this is making sense but I have to see my investigators AND myself as He does. :)
Okay I really do have to go haha I love you guys!! Thanks for the love and support!! :)
Sincerely, Hermana Rogers

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