Monday, December 8, 2014

The Lord's House

Hola Hola mi familia y amigos! 

This week I am grateful for a lot of things. I am grateful for the Spirit and the comfort that can come in times of quiet reflecting. I am grateful for tears because without them we wouldn't be able to understand joy. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who has felt the pains that I experience and invites me to give it all to Him. He knows and understands me and everything I go through, and He holds my heart. This week I am grateful for the House of the Lord. I am grateful that we have somewhere we can go to seek shelter from the storms of life and feel the peace and calm that heaven offers. I am grateful for the knowledge and understanding and guidance we can receive when we spend time in the temples of the Lord. I am grateful for the scriptures and the comfort that comes as we study what God has told us through His prophets. I am grateful for a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, which helps me know that I will be able to live with my family for eternity in my Heavenly Father's presence. I am grateful for my mission because there is no place I would rather be than right here. 

I started out this week in a lot of pain. I honestly haven't had homesickness hit me as bad as it did last week, and I prayed SO much to find comfort, and it came right away. I was trying to hold in all my feelings and not let them show because I wanted to forget myself and get back to work. We went to the Serranos house, and Eva said hi at the door, then gave me a huge hug and said, "I'm sorry". I was so confused how she knew (then she told me she read the letter I wrote home) She hugged me, told me things will get better, and Gilberto also came over and let me know that they were there for me and would help me in any way they could. Eva cried with me for a little while, and we ate lunch there, and honestly I felt SO loved and supported. I know that here in Houston, I have other family looking out for me and supporting me through hard times. I'm grateful for Eva and Gilberto and the Serrano family for their support and love. Obispo also texted me and told me that he was proud of me as he knew my parents were too. That also was a tender mercy that helped boost my motivation and desire to work. I was so grateful for him as well, he really does lead this ward in love and everyone knows that Obispo is behind them 100%. I love this ward with my whole heart. 

Another major tender mercy/blessing of this week was the opportunity I had to go to the temple! It was unbelievably incredible. I can't explain how perfect that experience was. I went in with a mind full of concerns and worries and pains, and when I went into the temple, those feelings dissolved. Everything that happened felt like it was directed at me, helping me to feel God's love and support and helping me know that everything was going to be okay. The Spirit was beyond description. I learned SO much in the temple that will help me throughout the rest of my mission and my life. I felt power. I wish I could talk all about it, but I just want to share my testimony that I know the temples are The House of the Lord here on the Earth. I know that He can be in His house because that is the most holy place. I know that the Spirit of the Lord is real and can enter into our hearts if they are broken and open to receive it. Heavenly Father loves His children, and He is right there ready to help us. His arms are outstretched, ready to wrap around us. I know that this church is so true and BRINGS PEACE AND COMFORT. This is what I needed this week and IT CAME. I know the Savior has experienced my pains and difficulties and He is ready to help us through our challenges. I am so grateful for this gospel. I know that I have been healed this week so that I could continue to work hard for my Savior! 

On another exciting note! Paco is getting baptized this next week!!! He is the brother of Jessica Gutierez, and he has changed sooooo much!! We have been teaching him since I got here, and when we first started teaching him, he pretty much told us he didn't have a desire to do anything, but now he has progressed to his baptism! He has come to church almost every week for a while now! He is AWESOME!!! I am sooo happy and excited to see him continue to progress and take this step! The date snuck up on us a little bit, but we have been seeing him every day and making sure he is ready! When we first set this date with him, we told him we would just have it as a goal to work towards (he has had a couple other dates fall through) but then the next time we came back he said, "So I asked David if he would baptize me on the 14th, is that okay?" It was so awesome! haha he is so ready :) I am so happy for him! I will let you know all about that next week!!! :):)

I get to go to the temple again on Saturday! Hermana Stiles has someone she reactivated that is going through the temple for the first time!!! I am so excited to get to go another time :) It will be a great week. 

I love you all!! Im feeling so much better this week, and I am so happy that I am here serving my mission. This is where I need to be. Thank you for all your encouragement, support, prayers, and love. I love you all so much!! :) I hope you have a great week!! 
TJ good luck with your program! Mom have a great relief society dinner! Janaea, Dad and Cassie and Brayton I love you good luck with everything this week! You are the best! 
Love, Hermana Rogers

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