Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Hola Hola Hola familia! Hope you all had a great week and are ready for Christmas! I bet it will be a crazy week for you guys as well, it is going to be INSANE for us! I can't wait to talk to you and see all your faces! :) 

I don't even know what I want to talk about from this last week- there were a lot of crazy stories, but I will try and summarize :) first of all- the Christmas season is amazing. There are so many more people that are open to talking about Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. One miracle that we saw this last week- on Thursday during "Hour of Power", my companions asked me where Iwanted to go. (Normally, I just go where they want) and i didn't know! There was a lot of different areas that we had started knocking but never finished all the houses, but as I ran through them in my head, I didn't feel like I knew which to chose. During our dinner appointment right before we were about to go knocking, Hermana Perez said she didn't feel very good, and we were about to go home, but she said we could still try. i had been praying in my mind a ton to know where to go, and this apartment complex we had never tried knocking before came to my mind. We knew we probably wouldnt be able to spend the whole hour knocking, but we went there anyways. The first house we knocked on, a lady and her 9 year old daughter came to the door. We started talking to them, and introduced ourselves as missionaries. She talked to us, told us about her faith, and then we brought up the He is the Gift video and asked her if she could put it on her phone. She started playing it and told us she had seen the video before, and it was really pretty. (Sorry this is probably so confusing) but!! By the end of the conversation, she told us that she wanted us to come back and teach her and her daughter because she wanted her daughter to grow up and be a missionary like us!!!!!! It was AMAZING! We will be teaching them tomorrow- I am excited to see what happens :) Right after that house, we tried another that didnt answer, then had to leave because H. Perez was sick-- but it was a testimony builder to me that miracles happen, that God can lead us as missionaries, and that the inspired videos and proselyting tools (like He is the Gift) are helping prepare people for us to teach :) It was awesome. 

I went on exchanges this week with Sister Baur, in an english area. She is so great! I learned a lot when I was with her about how to set goals, how to push myself, how to feel God's love, and overcoming times of discouragement. She motivated me to really work to change any negativities in my mindset around, so I will be working on that a lot more!! 

PACO was confirmed on Sunday :) It was beautiful-- I saw so much in his blessing of his potential- he is 25, and has so much of his life ahead to be of service to the Church, hold the Priesthood, to get married and sealed in the temple, and raise a family of missionaries (I don't know if I wrote about this before, but he told us the week before he was baptized that he wants to have kids that go on missions like us because he loves what we do). he is so awesome. My favorite moment though was after Sacrament meeting, he came up to us with a tithing slip in hand and his wallet out, ready to pay his tithing. That was such an amazing moment to see how much he has progressed and is ready to help build Zion! :) 

I have been reading some awesome talks lately.... I read a talk called "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" by F. Enzio Busche which was so great! I recommend it :) Another one was called "I Will Give Myself to Him" by Russell T. osguthorpe. I didn't write down the names of the other ones, but I love talks!! :) 

Have I talked at all about Tito?? He is somehow related to the Serranos haha I still dont really understand, but we started teaching him and he is interested and committed to a date in January!
Hugo is still going to church in Mexico-- that makes me SO happy! 
Eva and Gilberto are still just as awesome ;) Gilberto has to work days again, so coming to church is a sacrifice for him, but he is still willing to make it- seeing him at church on sunday was the best :) that family has my heart I love them so much. 

There was a big ward Christmas party on Saturday and that was way too much fun. I love this ward SO much :) 

Okay I have to head out, but I wanted to let you all know I love you so much!! This is the work of our Heavenly Father and He is making miracles happen every day. This season is the greatest time of year-- I have felt SO much joy and love. I have seen so many examples of people here that show their kindness and are examples to me of Christlike service. I am learning what the Spirit of Christmas is all about, and I want to carry this Spirit with me all the time. So many people are willing to open their hearts and help out others. 

I am grateful for this opportunity that I have right now to be serving a mission, serving my Lord, especially at this time of His birth. i love my Savior and I know that He is the ultimate expression of God's love for us. Everything that we have is because of Him. There are SO many blessings that come to us as members of Christ's restored church! And when we take a moment to reflect on that, we recognize the importance of sharing this message with everyone we know and love. He is the way!! He is our example of love and service, and through Him we can have hope. 

I love you all!! have a great Christmas!! I will talk to you soon :) 
Hermana Shaelyn Rogers

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