Saturday, October 10, 2015

Short Update

Hey family!
This week was amazing-- I was so grateful for conference weekend- I really needed a lot of the spiritual counsel I received from the Prophet of this church and his apostles, and I am so grateful that I got to listen to them :)

This update will have to be really short because I have approximately 10 minutes of computer time, but there are some exciting updates! 

Quick back story, Our incredible investigators that we have been focusing on a ton have been pretty flaky recently, which has been hard and disappointing, but we knew that there is someone here that could be prepared to be baptized on the 17th of October. So we said a specific prayer, that we would find someone who is at home and available during the day, has interest in learning the gospel, and something I remember specifically saying in my prayer is that this person that we find would recognize us as servants of the Lord. So we were looking for that person...
We started teaching Julio and Antonio. I am not sure if I told you about them before, but they are AMAZING. So we found them on Sunday, I'm not sure if I wrote about them las Monday, but we have seen them a few times since then, so I wil give you the update! 
Tuesday night we went with President Garcia to go visit them and it was amazing!! We had just barely found them, and were starting to teach lesson 1, and invited them to say the first prayer. Normally, people won't say the prayer the first time you meet them, but rather tell you to say the first one and MAYBE they will say the last. But Julio was willing to say the opening prayer, even VOLUNTEERED! And IN HIS PRAYER, he said, "Thank you for sending these representatives of yours to me..." and kept going with his prayer but I remember that stood out to me a ton. He is AMAZING and told us during that lesson that he is not working (available during the day), and then later in the lesson asked what is required for someone to be baptized!! And then even later on asked "well how soon could you teach me everything so that I can be baptized? What I really want is to be born again, to just start over, etc" So we were able to testify of the blessings of baptism, which was so powerful. The lesson was able to be guided into talking about the blessings of having the Holy Ghost in your life, and the covenants of baptis, we will continue to work with him!

The computer is going to log me off, I love you so much!!

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