Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lice, Flooded Apartment, and Independence Day!

Hello family!
To start off, I have some of the greatest news ever!
I am actually soooo happy. This place is the best!! I also did receive
a call this week to be a Sister Training Leader! Which...I am still
not entirely sure exactly what that entails yet, but I have had STL
companions, and... they go to lots of meetings and exchanges with
other sisters. But it will be awesome! So turns out that me and my
companion are both STL's so we will be going to the meeting together
and exchanging with all the sisters in the Beaumont and orange zones!
Sounds like a lot of work but it will be great :)
In Other news this week was another crazy one! Me and my companion
both had lice, so this week was a lot of different treatments (aka
putting mayo all over our heads and washing it out with dish soap and
vinegar) and lots of time picking through each others hair. It
definitely was annoying but I think they're gone now!! Finally...haha.
In the process of all this, the washer in our apartment flooded, so
one day was spent cleaning our entire apartment, which was kind of
unfortunate. But it's nice and clean now, which is super nice because
we found out this morning that 2 sisters will be living with us for
the next 2 weeks while their apartment gets set up. We won't know who
they are until tonight, but it should be fun!
Our investigators are all doing awesome.
Josue this week we asked him all the baptismal interview questions,
and he did great!! He was able to answer them like a champ, even
though he is the one during lessons that usually struggles a little
more with comprehension. He tells us he is a slow learner and always
forgets things, but when we had a lesson with him one on one he did SO
good! We are thinking it is kind of a competition mindset between him
and his brother...we don't know though. But when we ask questions to
Daniel, he will answer using scriptures he has studied in the Book of
Mormon, and come up with comparisons to real life, etc. so Josue just
needs a little more encouraging. They are both so awesome though! :)
And their friend Armando as well is just progressing right alongside
them, they are preparing to be baptized the 26th of September! Josue
was the only one that came to church this week, Armando was working
and we don't actually know what happened to Daniel, but Josue was
awesome! He sat next to a member his age and I guess they made plans
to hang out this weekend! That's some sweet fellowshipping :) He asked
questions while he was there and then told us he had a dream about the
church, and had some questions as well about the scriptures! So we are
super happy about him :)
Blanca and Salvador are still doing amazing and noticing lots of
changes that have come into their lives- President Garcia is working
with Salvador to help him receive the Aaronic Priesthood, which is
awesome <3 They are doing so good!
Noe is still experiencing a lot of trials, but we had a super powerful
lesson with him where he told us, "If someone doesn't start to do the
things God tells them to from right now, how can we think that God is
going to bless us right now? He is going to tell us just like we tell
Him, tomorrow I will help you"... He understands the things he needs
to do, says all the right things, but then doesn't show up to church
or do anything for himself! It's a test of our patience, but I love
him SO much and just want him to know where true happiness comes from!
And then EXPERIENCE it...because he already knows where to find it :/
But he has still been reading!
We also have a few new people to work with! We have gotten some
referrals, one named Adan, that has run into missionaries in 2
seperate occasions since I have been here. We got him as a referral at
the beginning when I got to Beaumont, but his number wasn't right so
we couldn't get ahold of him. But he met missionaries again in Vidor
and gave them his information AGAIN and asked where the church was! So
we met him this week, unfortunately the only time he could meet with
us was at 6:30 in the morning....the day after we slept with Mayo in
our hair!!! So we woke up at 5 to rinse and wash it all out, then met
with him in the Walmart parking lot. It was a strange and unique
experience haha, suffice to say I didn't really sleep that night.
Also this week we were able to meet a lot of less actives that we have
never met before. We had a party to celebrate Mexican Independence Day
and a lot of people came that hadn't been to church in a while! Also a
lot of the members had invited their nonmember friends!!! I think that
was probably one of the biggest highlights of my week, being able to
see all the members so happy and having a good time with their friends
and family, members and nonmembers:)
I have honestly grown so much since being here in Beaumont, this place
is INCREDIBLE. I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve a
mission, meet these people and love them with my whole heart, and then
teach them the things that are going to help them most in their lives!
I know this church is true :) I have seen so many blessings while
serving Him, I can't deny His hand is in this work! I am so excited
for this next transfer:)
Hope all is going well! Good luck with soccer and school and work and
all that fun stuff ;)
Love yall! Have a great week!
Hermana Rogers

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