Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Opposition In All Things

> This week I learned how real Satan is and how badly he wants to stop this work from progressing!
> It was a crazy week- in a lot of ways. But all is well and will work out the way God intends for it to!
> Okay so remember how Maggie's baptism was scheduled for YESTERDAY? Well-- it didn't exactly happen. Everything was going well, then she went to Mexico, but had told us she would get back on Wednesday or Thursday, so our plan was literally to just go and teach her and prepare her in 4 days and have her get baptized. BUT then turns out she didn't come home until Sunday morning, wouldn't answer any of our texts or calls, so we finally asked her boyfriend (who we have never even met- we were that desperate) and he said she had gotten home that morning. So Sunday right before church we went to see her just ask how she was. We start talking to her, she looks super uncomfortable, we tried to schedule a return appointment and she told us she was busy, then we ask what was up and she tells us that while she was in Mexico, she went to Catholic church, talked to all her extended family, and basically decided that too much of her family would be too upset if she changed religions. So pretty much she tried to drop us-- but we obviously aren't letting that happen. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon, about the dream she had about the temple, about how she felt at church and how much she learns and feels when she prays, etc. She is amazing and just has been attacked by the adversary, but we will be meeting with her again sometime this week-- it is just SO hard because she has no family support. Keep praying for her though!
> Then Noe! Ok so curve ball. he is in love with something he knows he can't have. :( a certain chilean missionary… and he tried to drop us as well. He texted us one day and just told us that he was in love with something that was impossible, (both of us knew what it was) and he said that he needed time and space to clear his head. But conveniently enough, he told us that on a day that Hermana Bravo was leaving the area on exchanges! So I asked him if I could come over with a different companion and he said it was okay. SO I went over, taught him, told him to pray specifically and then read the Book of Mormon looking for an answer to his concerns, etc. He told me all about what he was experiencing. He needs the gospel now more than ever for multiple trials he is going through in his life- Satan is also working really hard on Noe, trying to discourage him and lead him in a different direction. He called the next day, told us he had been praying and reading, found scriptures he needed, applied them to himself, was doing AWESOME, was going to come to church and bring a friend, and then last minute told us he wasn't going because he was too sad. So he didn't come :( But there are a lot of members that have been really good fellow shippers for him, and they are willing to help him out. He just needs to see the bigger picture! Everything will work out. :)
> We met this lady named Magali this week! She is SO GREAT- a former from other missionaries, wants to change and feel peace, is experiencing a lot of hard things, and knows where it is she needs to find it! :) So we set up an appointment with her and President Garcia and it was awesome- she committed to baptism on July 26! Then later in the week we went by with a member family and they were great fellowship and offered to help her with a lot, and were so sweet! We set a plan for her to come to church, found a ride for her and her 3 kids, everything was awesome! then sunday morning we called to double check everything and she had started work THAT DAY. It was super disappointing as well. Now she hasn't answered any of our calls, we don't know her schedule, trials… but its okay because Magali is prepared and we will figure something out!
> We also met this guy named Juan this week! We had a day where we were on bikes all day, and we got so hot and thirsty, so we stopped at this house and talked to the lady. We taught her a lesson, she gave us some water, and as we were walking away to leave, her brother walked up. We said hi, basically told him that we had to go but left him with a pamphlet and our number and invited him to read it that night-- we told him we would call him and see how it went, then left. Not thinking too much of it, but then!!! The next day we were at our dinner appointment when we got a phone call from JUAN! He told us that he had read the pamphlet and asked why we didn't call him!!! He told us everything that he remembered and then we taught him lesson 1 over the phone- We committed him to a baptismal date over the phone and it was awesome!! :) Then we taught him one more time and as we were teaching him, he told us he already knows The Book of Mormon is true! and he came to church on Sunday! It was awesome. That guy is a miracle.
Also! The wedding was this weekend!! Our branch mission leader got
married :) it was so much fun- more people were there than at church,
but I guess that's to be expected... Haha. It was so sweet to see them
both so happy- especially after being a part of all the stress that
went into planning it all! It was also so great to meet all the
extended family- a lot of which aren't members!  I decided when I get
married, I am coming and having a reception out here in Texas- the
traditions of Hispanic wedding celebrations are so much fun!

> In Sacrament meeting, Bravo and I both gave talks! I completely forgot about mine until...very last minute, but hopefully it went over well. Haha:)
> Anyways! That was our week in a nutshell! It was pretty crazy. But still good! Heavenly Father will keep His work moving forward, even though sometimes we have to fight back Satan- there is an opposition in all things, and when our investigators overcome the things they are struggling with right now, they will be so much stronger and have the faith to overcome so much more.

I love you all! Hope you have a great week :)
Hopefully there are more exciting stories to tell next week
Have a good one!
Love, Hermana Rogers

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