Monday, February 2, 2015

If You Want to See Miracles, Open Your Eyes

This week was not QUITE as crazy as last week, but still awesome :) 
Williams and i got sick each of us for a day, no idea what I had but standing made me nauscious so that was fun. But its okay because we still got blessings! Stiles and Williams knocked into a family that is related to an Hermana in our ward and they were so cool!! I will quote a little bit of what they told me. There are 2 little girls. One is like 13 and the other is 9. The 13 year old was a little doubting of what they taught, so she was asking a bunch of questions. Then the 9 year old chimed in and said "its a trial of your faith you just have to ask" So that made my soul melt a little bit. 

Stiles hit half way this last week which was pretty exciting, then Williams hits one year this Thursday! Each of us hit a big milestone this transfer. Its also Elder Larsen's birthday on Thursday so we have planned a surprise party at Obispo's house which i am so excited for!! :) 

Craziest thing I ate this week: Chorizo. Basically it is blended everything all the insides, apparently bones too? They cook it up and put it in some tacos.... hahah mmmm ;) 

This last week we had a way fun FHE (the night we were at Darly and Oscars sending you pictures from Angi's phone). We had a "Sundae" night talking about the Sabbath Day. They havent been coming to church because Darly works now-- and its so sad because all the kids have been baptized and now they have gotten out of the habit of coming. So for the FHE we dished out a huge bowl of ice cream in front of them and told them it was their Sundays. Then we poured ketchup, chips, ranch, barbecue sauce, etc in it, while explaining all the things they could do on Sundays... going to the store, playing soccer, sleeping through church, etc. Then we showed it to them-- we said that they don't get the blessings of a pretty Sunday if they arent going to church. Then we made nice Sundaes and told them this was what their sundays could look like. They all said, 'ewwwww yeah we want to come to church we are going to come!!" We told them if they didnt they'd have to eat the nasty Sundaes......hahah they didnt come. Mwahaha. Just kidding. But its still sad. 

OH MY. We got these 2 new investigators, named Nancy and Roberto-- they are AMAZING. Nancy is SO prepared. She is genuinely interested, went to church and LOVED it, but her husband is VERY Catholic. We had a lesson with her and her husband and her cousin who is a member. She had been visiting from Mexico and was THE COOLEST MEMBER PRESENT LESSON EVER!!!! She had similar doubts as Roberto before she joined the church, but she explained everything to him the way she had learned it, knew the Restoration perfectly, had really good responses to all his questions. I dont know how else to explain it but it was INCREDIBLE!!! :) So we are hoping that even though her cousin went back to Mexico they will still be interested. 

Tito re-set his date to February 22-- but it was awesome. We had a lesson with Gilberto and asked him to share his testimony about baptism and it made my heart melt. He talked about how he felt when he was baptized and how glad he was he made that step and how his life has improved since he was baptized. It made me so happy :) I love him so much!!!!! 

Hugo will be coming back on the 15th!! :)) I am stoked! he told me all about how he shared his testimony in church in Mexico and what he said! He talked about his angels in houston that taught him who God is and how grateful he is to have the church in his life. He said afterwards the members and missionaries were asking him all these questions and told him to get baptized there but he said he is getting baptized when he comes back here!!! :)) That made my heart happy!

Thats pretty much our week in a nutshell, but I have a couple cool other experiences I had. 
District meeting this week we talked a lot about prayer. It hit me really hard, especially after mom asked me to share an experience I had with prayer. One thing said that stood out to me. richard G scott gave a talk about prayer, where he said that Heavenly Father, all-knowing, all-powerful personage has asked us, insignificant as we are, to talk to Him as our Father. Of all the titles given to Him, He asks us to address Him as Father. That made me really think about how much meaning our prayers have. 
On Sunday I was studying charity and I prayed for help to feel God's love for me, and Christlike love for other people. When I was sitting on the stand after playing the Sacrament Hymn, I looked out on the ward and just started crying. I realized how much the members all mean to me and how much of an impact they have had on my life. I felt SO much love for them and then during the sacrament as I was thinking about our Savior, I again felt overcome with love this time for me. He loved me enough to suffer and die on the cross for me. I got up to share my testimony and i felt so full of love it was the most incredible feeling. :) 
I love this gospel so much. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here. There are miiracles happening every day. As Obispo Morales always says, "If you want to see miracles in your life, open your eyes" God lives and He loves His children! He is looking out for us :) 
I love yall!! Hope you have a great week!! 
Hermana Rogers

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